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Black and white turtle pillow plush by Wazaga Black and white turtle pillow plush :iconwazaga:Wazaga 8 4
Poor unfortunate souls - Xmas Edition
A parody of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" sung by Santa Clause concerning the drama of Christmas shopping by everyone who celebrates it.
Poor unfortunate souls,
In debt, in greed,
This one wanting a PlayStation,
That one wants to get a Wii,
But do I help them?
Nah, no need.
Those poor unfortunate souls,
So sad, but true,
They go writing silly letters,
Crying "Dear Santa, please!"
But do I help them?
Nah, no need.
Now it happened once or twice,
Someone couldn't afford the price,
So I had to make do, with ill-fit clothes,
Yes, I heard the odd complaint,
I don't claim to be a saint,
But at least it's better than coals.
:iconwazaga:Wazaga 3 0
Prisoners of War - Bookcover remake by Wazaga Prisoners of War - Bookcover remake :iconwazaga:Wazaga 5 2 EH - Unicorn by Wazaga EH - Unicorn :iconwazaga:Wazaga 11 4 EH - The Burden of a Fierce Heart by Wazaga EH - The Burden of a Fierce Heart :iconwazaga:Wazaga 9 7 Foal Shimmers by Wazaga Foal Shimmers :iconwazaga:Wazaga 12 4 Reptiles Study by Wazaga Reptiles Study :iconwazaga:Wazaga 13 7 Circus Ponies - NexGen by Wazaga Circus Ponies - NexGen :iconwazaga:Wazaga 11 4 Some Rabbit Cop by Wazaga Some Rabbit Cop :iconwazaga:Wazaga 34 2
The Concept of 'I Love You'
    "I Love You"
    Three small words, when combined are either elating or damaging when spoken out loud. The human condition is governed by two fundamental mechanics, passion and reason. Unlike other creatures in the animal kingdom, these are the two mechanics which separates intelligence from instinct. Where beasts are governed by primal needs for survival based on instinct alone, humans have developed a more complex, and thus, a much more difficult need to fulfill for their own survival.
    Animals in the wild may have certain social constructs which have evolved into what could best be described as a "family unit", such as a family of monkeys, a pride of lions, a pack of wolves, a hive of bees, a school of fish, etc. And many species function as lifelong monogamous pairs, or seasonal pairs. To say that animals don't show some form of passion or reason, is not entirely true. Because of course, there are always exceptions, and each uniqu
:iconwazaga:Wazaga 1 4
EH - The Burden by Wazaga EH - The Burden :iconwazaga:Wazaga 3 1 Dragonfly - The servant and the watersnake by Wazaga Dragonfly - The servant and the watersnake :iconwazaga:Wazaga 15 4 Twotone and changling bust by Wazaga Twotone and changling bust :iconwazaga:Wazaga 6 1 Mr Bigs - Zootopia by Wazaga Mr Bigs - Zootopia :iconwazaga:Wazaga 25 12
Ever Hollow - The Cibarrans
Physical characteristics:
    Varying shades of tan for skin tone. The more exposed to sunlight due to work related environments, the darker the tone. Likewise, most Cibarran's have sandy or camel brown hair bordering on dark blonde. Those with lighter blonde hair often having a two toned, dirty look because the lighter shades are often due to being sun bleached. Typical eye color is grey or blue. Other cultures tend to refer to them as Sun Folk or Sand Folk. (Sun and Sand describing their hair color as well as their homeland. These words can also be switched into racial slurs. Common ones being Sun-eater, Sand-flesh and Sandalfoot.)
Cultural clothing:
    Traditional Cibarran clothing is based on what works best for the individual's needs. Those working out in the open heat will often layer themselves in special treated cotton to insulate cooling temperatures caused by their sweating as well as repel the heat's onslaught with the m
:iconwazaga:Wazaga 3 6
Just some blonde bloke by Wazaga Just some blonde bloke :iconwazaga:Wazaga 7 0


Rabbit Terrarium by bluealaris Rabbit Terrarium :iconbluealaris:bluealaris 65 3 Silouets1 by daGohs Silouets1 :icondagohs:daGohs 13 1 PrismGuardians - Uniform Color Concept by Yokoboo PrismGuardians - Uniform Color Concept :iconyokoboo:Yokoboo 36 2 KING KULL VAriant Cover by Raapack KING KULL VAriant Cover :iconraapack:Raapack 96 2 BODYGUARD STOCK I by PhelanDavion BODYGUARD STOCK I :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 67 3
To Charm a Dragon
Angel stood beyond the atrium door, the white light of the snowy mountains beyond the windows shown through and illuminated the chamber as she gazed at the dragon before her. It was supposedly the last of its kind, ancient and timeless. Now here it was being kept as a trinket of the Khanate here in the north. The dragon's body rose and fell with each labored breath as it slumbered within the light of the atrium, soaking up the warmth offered by the glass enhanced rays of sunlight.
Glancing up and down the hallways around her, Angel reached down and touched the lock of the atrium door. There was a subtle mechanical snapping sound as the lock disengaged and she pushed the heavily reinforced door open to slip inside. Of course anyone would see her if they looked through the door's port but she did not need long. The dragon stirred immediately as she entered the chamber, its massive head looming up from where it had been resting. Angel hesitated a moment as she gazed up at the dragon's eye
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 15 18
Dejavu by maskman626 Dejavu :iconmaskman626:maskman626 881 91 Comm - Sal by Yokoboo Comm - Sal :iconyokoboo:Yokoboo 38 3 Masters Of Meereen Slaves by DubuGomdori Masters Of Meereen Slaves :icondubugomdori:DubuGomdori 47 2 Texture Pack Collection by Sirius-sdz Texture Pack Collection :iconsirius-sdz:Sirius-sdz 158 19 Mias and Elle Chapter3 pg22 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter3 pg22 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 633 82 Liam's Quest by sumenya Liam's Quest :iconsumenya:sumenya 77 8 The Crawling City - 32 by Parororo The Crawling City - 32 :iconparororo:Parororo 349 81 More VT Sketchies by JatoWhitz More VT Sketchies :iconjatowhitz:JatoWhitz 31 3 [AW] - 003 by aomaoe [AW] - 003 :iconaomaoe:aomaoe 86 3 Sketch Dump 5 by Lunalli-Chan Sketch Dump 5 :iconlunalli-chan:Lunalli-Chan 181 31


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Which sounds more like a forested and windy country? 

30 deviants said Lessaria
11 deviants said Sassaria
5 deviants said Suggest a name in the comments


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Saudi Arabia
Avatar and ID drawn by the lovely MegSyv

Peace and blessings, friends.
Nez :heart:


Can I just... not be employed anymore? I'm tired of being an adult. I don't want to human anymore. It's too damned complicated. I wanna be a cat or something. Cause humans suck and they make all these complicated rules that make life suck. Cats are easy. Be lazy, have all the fun and take none of the blame without any consequences.

Khavien groaned outwardly as he sat on the bench beside his large friend with a thud. Rick rolled his eyes, his mug paused halfway towards taking another drink, “What happened this time?”

“She’s just so infuriating!” Khavien growled, his hands raking into his hair in frustration, “I can’t understand her, Shire. She’s completely stubborn.”

Rick let out a small chuckle, finally taking another gulp of his rather lukewarm tea. ‘Takes one to know one.’ he thought to himself.

“She questions damned near everything. There’s just no middle ground with that woman. Everything is a battle with her. I can’t say a thrice damned thing without her contradicting me at every turn.” Khavien continued, his forehead cradled in his palms on the table, “How the hell am I supposed to keep everyone alive if our only competent healer won’t listen to me?”

Rick looked at him, his thick brow raising with mild bewilderment, “Only? I think you’re forgetting a few people, Thailab.”

“You know what I mean. A field medic is one thing, but with Rhicarte as he is, Riana is our only real physician… And she’s more difficult to deal with than breaking a wild horse. She keeps insisting on putting herself in danger when we need her out of the way in case the worst happens. But no, fates forbid she just follows commands like everyone else. She’s just so… so... URG!”

Rick took pause, resting his chin on an upturned palm with his elbow on the table, the side of his mouth raised is a suspecting grin, “And?”

“And what?” Khavien said, finally lifting his head to glare at Rick under brow, “The hell is that look for?”

Rick continued to smile and gave a small shrug, “Oh, nothing. But do go on, what else have you to say about our lil’ fire head?”

Khavien gave him a disgusted grimace of disbelief, “Don’t you even go there.”

“What?” Rick asked with exaggerated innocence.

“You know damned well what! It’s not like that at all!” Khavien growled.

“I’m just saying that anytime you complained about a woman, it usually meant you had an interest beyond, you know,” the quarter giant made a circular motion with his wrist to emphasis his implication.

“I do not.” Khavien said with indignation.

“Course you do. It’s just like that time with Lhyla,”

“We were ten.”

“And Wharda,” the quarter giant continued, now counting the names off on his fingers.

“She was the one who pursued me, if you recall.”


“Was already promised to someone else.”


“All but married to her career to begin with.”


“Are you insinuating I would have pursued my own cousin?” Khavien said with a visible cringe.

“My point is,” Rick said crossing his arms back onto the tabletop, “You wouldn’t be making such a big deal out of a little spat if you didn’t find something about Riana that, mmm, attracts you.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Khavien stood up from the table.

“And you’re smitten,” Rick countered.

“Think what you want, but you’re wrong. The only reason she’s agitating me is because I need her if I want to keep us all alive in this thrice damned forest. And she’s making my job harder than it needs to be. So you can just forget about your little imaginary fancy.” Khavien said with finality as he left the cabin.

Rick raised his eyes skywards with a heavy sigh, ‘Oh, yeah, he’s in real deep.’

Late night drabble because I couldn't get the scene out of my head. Now excuse me while I crash for the night.

Decided to cameo :iconfallen-sun:'s character last second in passing. (Because I love Eden, and I also like her name.)
I just saw this very interesting BJD:……

He's not your classic centaur, but he has a very interesting face sculpt, and the jointing on his lower body fascinates me because if you added a thorax, he can turn into a very interesting bug-themed-taur. And I can't get the idea out of my head. If I could save up for it, I would totally buy him in green and sculpt buggy parts to bring the idea to life.

And I would name him Jiminy :D
Guys, a friend of mine needs help paying bills and not starving for the month. Help a gal out, would ya?

Emergency Commissions Open! by Yokoboo

If you can't buy a commission, pass the word around, please. Every little bit counts.


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