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Black and white turtle pillow plush :iconwazaga:Wazaga 8 4
Poor unfortunate souls - Xmas Edition
A parody of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" sung by Santa Clause concerning the drama of Christmas shopping by everyone who celebrates it.
Poor unfortunate souls,
In debt, in greed,
This one wanting a PlayStation,
That one wants to get a Wii,
But do I help them?
Nah, no need.
Those poor unfortunate souls,
So sad, but true,
They go writing silly letters,
Crying "Dear Santa, please!"
But do I help them?
Nah, no need.
Now it happened once or twice,
Someone couldn't afford the price,
So I had to make do, with ill-fit clothes,
Yes, I heard the odd complaint,
I don't claim to be a saint,
But at least it's better than coals.
:iconwazaga:Wazaga 3 0
Prisoners of War - Bookcover remake :iconwazaga:Wazaga 5 2 EH - Unicorn :iconwazaga:Wazaga 10 4 EH - The Burden of a Fierce Heart :iconwazaga:Wazaga 9 7 Foal Shimmers :iconwazaga:Wazaga 11 4 Reptiles Study :iconwazaga:Wazaga 13 7 Circus Ponies - NexGen :iconwazaga:Wazaga 11 4 Some Rabbit Cop :iconwazaga:Wazaga 34 2
The Concept of 'I Love You'
    "I Love You"
    Three small words, when combined are either elating or damaging when spoken out loud. The human condition is governed by two fundamental mechanics, passion and reason. Unlike other creatures in the animal kingdom, these are the two mechanics which separates intelligence from instinct. Where beasts are governed by primal needs for survival based on instinct alone, humans have developed a more complex, and thus, a much more difficult need to fulfill for their own survival.
    Animals in the wild may have certain social constructs which have evolved into what could best be described as a "family unit", such as a family of monkeys, a pride of lions, a pack of wolves, a hive of bees, a school of fish, etc. And many species function as lifelong monogamous pairs, or seasonal pairs. To say that animals don't show some form of passion or reason, is not entirely true. Because of course, there are always exceptions, and each uniqu
:iconwazaga:Wazaga 1 4
EH - The Burden :iconwazaga:Wazaga 3 1 Dragonfly - The servant and the watersnake :iconwazaga:Wazaga 15 4 Twotone and changling bust :iconwazaga:Wazaga 6 1 Mr Bigs - Zootopia :iconwazaga:Wazaga 24 12
Ever Hollow - The Cibarrans
Physical characteristics:
    Varying shades of tan for skin tone. The more exposed to sunlight due to work related environments, the darker the tone. Likewise, most Cibarran's have sandy or camel brown hair bordering on dark blonde. Those with lighter blonde hair often having a two toned, dirty look because the lighter shades are often due to being sun bleached. Typical eye color is grey or blue. Other cultures tend to refer to them as Sun Folk or Sand Folk. (Sun and Sand describing their hair color as well as their homeland. These words can also be switched into racial slurs. Common ones being Sun-eater, Sand-flesh and Sandalfoot.)
Cultural clothing:
    Traditional Cibarran clothing is based on what works best for the individual's needs. Those working out in the open heat will often layer themselves in special treated cotton to insulate cooling temperatures caused by their sweating as well as repel the heat's onslaught with the m
:iconwazaga:Wazaga 3 6
Just some blonde bloke :iconwazaga:Wazaga 7 0


No :iconwhiteraven90:WhiteRaven90 112 10 Elf - process :iconchirun:chirun 283 0 Furry Croft - NET :iconkarafactory:Karafactory 92 8 [adoptables] :iconfulualea:Fulualea 92 7 This ugly ship - fullpage inks :iconbordon:bordon 103 0 Darkest Dream :icon4evermonet:4EverMonet 250 25 The Warrior :icondarantha:Darantha 45 1 OC Izzy plushie :iconadamar44:adamar44 57 4 Keith :iconmerwild:Merwild 375 16 Keigr Sheet :icondesperish:Desperish 200 9 Desert Dwellers :iconvongulli:Vongulli 124 12 Commission: Taren14 (Rowan Flamebark) :icontemiree:Temiree 212 22 Fruits :iconmanuelgrad:ManuelGrad 3,740 434 Monument :iconariel-x:Ariel-X 59 18 Warhammer 40,000: Revelations vol.1 p.4 :iconspacefriend-t:Spacefriend-T 105 0 Nowy Niewspanialy Lad :iconanndr:anndr 286 11


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Which sounds more like a forested and windy country? 

29 deviants said Lessaria
11 deviants said Sassaria
5 deviants said Suggest a name in the comments


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Saudi Arabia
Avatar and ID drawn by the lovely MegSyv

Peace and blessings, friends.
Nez :heart:


You ever have a week where everything that could go wrong does and the solution is stupid simple but the universe just says "screw you"?

Yeah... I hate the universe. It's like telling me "Well, February was awesome, so let's make March suck ass!"

Because it's doing a damned good job of it.

That is all.
AAAAAAAH, Titty Sprinkles!!!

My art chair lost a wheel... Damn it!!! Now I need a new chair... That makes 3 damaged wheels out of 5 :C

I needed to cheer myself up. I feel like I'm succeeding at life, but suffering/sucking at art.
So mom wrote a journal entry on her Facebook about how her week went. And she ended it with a confession about how this month she was a, and I quote, "A Consumer Slut."

I took a look at her journal and was like, "Mom, please. Before you even call yourself that, have a good hard look at your daughter. Because you are NOTHING compare to what I did this month."

And she started listing all this stuff she got. I swear, the only "me" thing she bought for herself was a coloring pencil set and some blending tools. The rest are all "House" things, like: New plants to replace the dead ones. New fish tank pumps because the old one burnt out. New plant holders because we don't have enough to house the new plants. A fancy fruit bowl to help make us eat more healthy snacks. That sort of thing where everyone in the whole house benefits from it. Animals included.

Meanwhile, after hunting for one for approximately 7 years (because these little ass-hats are numbered and run on a freakin' time limit window!) I finally bought one of these things:…

So, no mom. Sorry. But the tittle of "Consumer Slut", clearly belongs to me.

*Walks out with a sassy strut*

(And she agrees :XD: )
Guys, give this a look. I promise you'll laugh:

Made by my friend :iconsinpumpkin:

And please share this video. He really deserves more exposure.


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BaronKriminal Featured By Owner 3 days ago
How goes things Nez? :)

Doin alright?
Wazaga Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Nothing worth complaining about that ain't life. How about you?
BaronKriminal Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Eh same same, graduation woes and all that

Haven't seen you on skype much and was wondering how you were
Wazaga Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I no longer have evening shifts. So I can't afford to stay up late anymore. And the guys tend to only get active around 9 pm to midnight New York time. By which I'm either sleeping because it's 5 am where I am, or at work because midnight is around 8 am for me.
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                             Star Wars: It's A Trap!! by duanenicholsart
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Thank you for making such an epic and wonderful piece. Please continue your lovely work.
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You're welcome.
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