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Personal Quote: "Don't mess with me, cause I know Scream-Fu!"

10 10 tag tag ... and 10 tag?

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 15, 2015, 2:27 PM
  • Mood: Hysterical
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  • Watching: Grimm / Gotham
  • Playing: GTA Online
  • Drinking: Malt Soda (lemon mint)
tagged by :iconchewbaccazm: but I'm not playing the YOU BETTER TAG 10 PEOPLE, FOO! because I got better things to do then wrack my brain for random people.


list 10 things about yourself:

1- I've recently grown addicted to hats and fingernail polish. (also, I finally kicked the habit of nail biting, whoohoo!)

2- I'm addicted to pencils and paper. to the point where I feel paranoid and agitated if I don't carry some with me. even if I don't necessarily actually draw anything. it's a comfort to know I have them on hand.

3- I can't type. I hunt-n-peck via the three finger method. (crab claws!)

4- I enjoy cooking for people and feel proud when they enjoy what I make.

5- in recent years, I've stopped caring about films or making time to watch them. it's rare for a title to catch my interest long enough to make me sit and watch it. and often times if a film doesn't hook me within the first 10 minutes, I won't bother finishing it. it just feels that making up my own stories or reading books are more interesting then what TV is giving me lately. and also, the over use and abuse of 3D CGI has turned me off. I miss classic stage magic and 2D animations. and the industry is killing it out.

6- I love hand-held consoles... I own a DS, a 3DS, a PSP and PSvita. and my PSP has been my music walkman for over 10 years.

7- I used to be able to recite every Disney Movie i ever watched. script, song and voice acting... pffft, key words here, USED to. (god i hate aging)

8- I'm accused by friends to have a great singing voice and know the lyrics to every song ever... but I honestly don't think either statement is true... I'm decent karaoke at best.

9- I'm a lone-wolf hermit in real life. my only friends are the ones I have online because they are the only people who are genuinely honest about being themselves. everyone I know in real life in my country is either two-faced, staging, out-to-get-something, snob-nosed or are just rotten people. and the few decent folks are either a billion years older then my own parents, or simply have no common interests with me. and anyone I do make friends with end up moving out of city or out of country for this or that reason.

10- my full name is Naziha Esam Zahed. my initials spell NEZ which almost sounds like the first half of my name. I prefer my US friends to refer to me as Nez for short, because the majority of them end up emphasizing the wrong syllable when saying Naziha. (it's Na-ZEE-ha, not NAH-zi-ha) and it's not that I'm bothered by it, it just makes me giggle every-time I hear it, and I don't want to come off looking like a butt and always correcting people. also, I was named after my grandma from my dad's side who was also named Naziha. and the old Arabic translation of my name means "flowing river water."


answer these 10 question:

1) any of your OCs vs Chainsaw Bear, who wins?
Kalista. and they would both win. because she'd just buy him a bucket of honey. he gets honey and she gets a new friend. they both win.

2) do you enjoy mixing your genres? like si-fi/magical? or alternate history/ lovercraftian horror?
never done it cause ti never crossed my mind to try and mix things. so I wouldn't know.

3) IF you could have a living weapon with a power what would it be and what's its named and what would it do?
I'd have a hand-sized beetle shaped android/drone. I'd name her Bugsy. and she'd be my tiny assistant. if you remember the little hover drone from Flubber, she'd be like that, only shaped like a beetle and be able to carry and manipulate things with her beetle legs.

4) do you light the first flame and keep the age of fire alight? or do you turn your back and become the dark lord of humanity?
I light the First Flame.

5) do you believe in intelligent life outside our solar system?
this is a complected question. do I believe there is intelligent life other than our own? yes. do I believe it's out there somewhere in or out of our solar system? no. does that mean I believe there are other living among human? yes and no, depending on the context of the subject we're discussing. and I'll leave it at that lest I write a whole essay.

6) this seems rather self gratifying, but of the characters you've met of mine who stands out?
umm............ hard to say, honestly... I claim the fifth here.

7) if you were in a cartoon or show and you were killed off what is your death song and what do you die for, if anything?

I'll leave the context of it up to the imagination.

8) if you're a star trek person. What position on the ship do you hold?
I'd be a Moral Officer on the Ten Forward. my specialty would be orchestrating events on the Holodeck for various groups. (and I'd probably be a half-Klingon because REASONS!!!)

9) guns or swords? witch is cooler?
unfair question. because they both have their own level of cool. but I'll always choose swords and blades.

10) do you have power?
yes. otherwise I won't be using my computer. or the internet. or my AC. or anything for that matter. and the food in the fridge and freezer would probably spoil. :B


then I got tagged a few moments later by :iconfallen-sun:, too.... huh...

1.) Do you consider yourself an artist?  Or a hobbyist?
lately, I've been calling myself a hobbyist, mostly because I dabble in too many forms of art. drawing, crafting, beading, sewing. but each form takes a toll for a short burst then I move back and forth between them. but overall, I always return back to drawing. so I guess I'm ultimately an artist, but with hobbyist tendencies?

2.) What do you fear most in this world?
... lately, it's been the fear of loneliness.

3.) Would you rather be free, or safe?
I've been safe my whole life. but that safety came with the cost of being caged off from the world. and I've grown sick of my cage. I'd rather be free and say I honestly got to live then still be in my cage never knowing what I missed out on.

4.) Do you owe your loyalty more to your friends or family?
I owe my loyalty to those who earned it through actions and truthfulness. family or friends. even co-workers. but God help you if you ever gave me reason to break that trust and sense of loyalty by using or abusing it in the wrong. no bridge will ever repair that chasm you dug for yourself.

5.) What's your opinion on ultimatums?  Do you hate it when they're posed to you?
it really depends on the situation and how the logical vs emotional balances out. in the few ultimatums I've gotten or given, they were never ridiculously outrageous, but rather fair or for the benefit of both parties. really, it's more a way of deciding to give or take vs being stubborn or humble with yourself and others. and again, it really depends on the subject matter.

6.) We all know a lot of people we call friends.  What percentage of them do you think are true friends?  How many would sacrifice for you?
out of the few that I know? I can confidently say 3 of them would jump to my aid without thought.

7.) Are you happy?  Are you happy with who you are?
I'm happy with the person that I am. I'm comfortable with who I am, and even my human flaws and faults. and that includes that I try to better those flaws when I'm able. as for happiness in general... I'm working on it. for the moment, I'm mildly content.

8.) What are you doing with your life?  Where are you going?  What are your goals and ambitions?
I'll let you know once I figure that lot out.

9.) Are you the sort of person who enjoys the slow burn?  Do you like a steady build up to the climax?  Do your actions reflect your answer?
yes to the first, yes to the second... um... I'm honestly not too sure about the third. yes, I think? I hope so, anyway.

10.) Do you feel like life is unfair to you?

life is not unfair to anyone. the only thing that's unfair is you saying that life is unfair to you. you don't like something? change it. you say you can't? work for it until you can. that simple. I have a butt ton of things I want to change about my current situation. but my ability to change them is not currently grounded enough. but with a little time and hard work, I'll get there. but I'll be damned if just saying "life isn't fair." is a down right excuse to do nothing! I threw that excuse out the window 2 years ago. and have been working to over come it ever since.

and also, on a personal note, no, life was never really unfair to me. hard and taxing, perhaps. but never unfair.


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Important Info is Important!

:iconcolorfulsparklesplz: They're friendly and delicious,:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:
:iconcolorfulsparklesplz: Their fruits are so nutritious,:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:
:iconcolorfulsparklesplz: They've cider if you wish-us,:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:
:iconcolorfulsparklesplz: The Apple Family!:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:


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Hi Wazaga I was wandering if you take OC's ( characters that I have made or thought about) if so plez can you reply 
Wazaga Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
um, I'm not sure what you mean by "take", can you please explain?
Nightblade641 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  New member
I am meaning that you can have my OC to draw and such

I think that is the best way to explain
Wazaga Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
oh, so kinda like adopting. ok. um, I've never taken an OC before, though.
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