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development leap by Wazaga development leap by Wazaga
over the course of the last couple months. I've been in a huge art funk... a block of sorts. so I've been mostly scribbling random garbage with the occasional character-montage-page.

now, here's the thing. I've been doing a lot of feature studies. eyes. noses. mouths. face contours. and that sometimes ends up with what I call a "development leap"

for many other artists, this takes a slow gradual time frame where the changes are subtle. for me, they usually happen within the course of a month all of a sudden.

the upper left page was a montage of Auron I scribbled in my hand-book roughly two weeks ago.

the bottom page was drawn today.

now... what you need to understand is that changes like this is a rather upsetting leap for me... ever since I started taking drawing people seriously, I've been struggling to make a style that I like that's also a semi-realistic-cartoony look. as I'm sure you all know, my style is often labeled "Disney-Anime"... for certain reasons. but one of the key features that I've always enjoyed when drawing faces were the eyes.

eyes were one of the first things I've tried to master as a younger artist. I've always aspired to have lively looking eyes that make the character look living on the paper and not dull-eyed and lifeless. people who look at my sketch books always tell me that they like how "alive" the faces look...

that being said... I've come to feel that my old way of drawing eyes is outdated for a lot of reasons that have maybe hindered me. the key factor being that my eyes are often really large in proportion to the face. "ping-pong-eyes" was used on me once... and that's stuck with me with a bad taste in my mouth... so I've been struggling to try and tone that down. and that includes the characters whose key feature is large eyes...

somehow, though... maybe between all the feature studies I've been doing. the realistic mash-up I did on April 1st triggered something... so today I did that montage to test it out... and even included some of my creature characters for comparison.

the new way of drawing eyes for me still feels weird. but after seeing such a difference and deciding that it's for the better... I think I can feel ok with the new change. especially because despite the fact that it's no longer the key feature that I could always signify as "mine" in a drawing... I can still tell that I drew these characters. and that's good.

anyway. I'm rambling...
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lennan Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
I think that you just needed a bit of time to make all the sum of what you'd learned click into a new style. Sort of like all the pieces of a puzzle falling into place. Well....even with this new style, I still think that your drawings are alive. I don't really think they've lost anything in the translation to the new style. Certainly, they're less cartoony, but there are ways to make a less cartoony style "alive" as it were. I think that there's a lot more room for you to use subtler ways of communicating expression through body language and facial features. In your old style, my eyes were always drawn to the eyes first and then to the rest of the face. But I think that this new style has me look at the entire face to get the expression, which I think is more effective.

Anyway, tl;dr. I like this new style. =)
Wazaga Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
me too. still taking time to get used to it, though.
PhiTuS Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Professional Filmographer
I dig the change.

I suppose this explains the change from the WIP of the Project Climax picture you drew.
Wazaga Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yes, also, that first attempt at drawing Dr Nez was crap and clashed stylistically with Jondalar and Crystal.
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April 3, 2014
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